Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Updates and other Happy News

So first order of business is my promotion at work!!! YAY! They're getting rid of the worthless office worker and replacing her with me! Basically they're going to phase me out of the dog walking part and have me in the office mainly. I'm starting my training today which is awesome! I get $10/hr while I'm training and then after that it sounds like I jump up to $12/hr! :-) so many reasons to enjoy this! I won't have to be driving all around as much. Therefore not as much money wasted on gas. I may still do some visits which is ok cuz its more money. And I really like the other people in the office and they like me! My friend Charlotte is the one behind this. She basically made sure I got the gig which is awesome of her :-) this brings me to my next bit of news!
Shirley finally bought a house! So beginning of may I move in to her old townhouse! I get it all to myself until the beginning of july when Charlotte moves in with me! Grand total of 7 animals. 5 cats 1 hamster and 1 guinea pig... Should be fun. We have everything worked out where things are going and how were going to divide things like communal stuff. Basically until the wedding (which has yet to even start planning...grr) Charlotte is going to be living with me. I'm so excited. So far life seems to be looking up!

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CrouchingOwl said...

Will you train the Guinea Pig to shake? That was lots of fun when I did it.