Friday, July 16, 2010

Life as it be.

I realized in my groggy state that I haven't posted anything in awhile. So here we go. I finally moved into my end location of Tim's mom's old townhouse. So much stress involved. But its over now and I'm getting settled in. My friend Charlotte and her three cats and one guinea pig have also moved in. We're still trying to get everything put away and all that fun stuff. And yes that also means we have 7 animals in one house. Not as bad as it sounds. Her cats mostly stay downstairs and mine stay upstairs unless they feel brave. I have decided I have the most skittish cats ever. Jane has after over a month decided to finally go outside my room to the top of the steps right outside.... Austen is my hero and has ventured out several times, but he freaks out and runs (very floppily since he's kinda chubby...) Back upstairs if anyone moves. Poor thing. I also have discovered the danger of PetSmart. They have adoption things there. Two weeks ago I went to get some stuff for my cats and for Charlotte's and turned the wrong corner and came face to face with.....kittens. I decided to hold one.....and left having filled out an application to adopt her. Turns out we weren't meant to be together since I met another kitten when I went to do a home visit with the foster mom. I then stalked the adoption site of another pet smart last saturday and held the other kitten I met for over three hours straight! He's really a sweetie and I get to take him home probably tomorrow! His adoption name is Louie but I shall call him Gurgi. He's kinda funny looking. He's got a funny face and a long skinny tail. Which goes with his crazy long scrawny legs and huge feet. His fur isn't really soft kind of coarse and extremely short. I decided the kitten I originally planned to adopt would probably get adopted faster since there had already been one person interested in her. Louie aka Gurgi usually would hide when it was time to go to the adoption events. And he's just not typical kitty cuteness. But I love him.
In other news we had an earthquake this morning. I woke up at about 5am and thought the house was shaking. But I had just been woken up so I told myself I was just imagining it and it was just thunder. I heard an aftershock a bit later. But just convinced myself it was thunder because of course, we don't get earthquakes here.... So I wake up to a text message alert saying there had been an earthquake around 5am.... I was so glad I wasn't crazy :) I had looked out the window and just assumed we were getting a storm that hadn't hit yet. Ah good times. A 3.6 it was near Gaithersburg. No damage and no injuries so I hear. I keep surprising people with the news....
On to much less fun news! For the past several months I've had insane fatigue. I'm not quite sure what is causing it at all.. I've been to the hospital twice and they ruled out tons of things which is really frustrating. I personally think its mono. I was told by a dr in the er that you can absolutely get it again but that it is really hard to detect on a test. I've nearly collapsed so many times and I ended up actually collapsing at work last Tuesday. I couldn't get up off the floor. I stayed on the floor for over an hour until my boss, who happened to be in the area for once, came and took me to the hospital. They diagnosed me near syncope (near unconsiousness...) But they couldn't find anything wrong with me. They gave me fluids. It perked me up a little and I went home. A few hours later I was overcome with exhaustion again. So I went back to the hospital with a what in the world is wrong plea. More tests ruling out more things. More fluids. Sent home. I was told to take two days off to rest. Except the first of those two days I spent over two hours of it doing work. Not good. I was also given assignments to do around the house like cleaning up my partially unpacked room... So I got no rest on my days off, just more stress. I'm so completely exhausted but because I don't "look" sick everyone thinks I'm better. I'm really not sure what to do anymore but I have no energy at all. :( I go to work and push myself so far past what I should. I don't feel like I should even be working some days. I'm so unproductive and non-functional.

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