Sunday, October 4, 2009

updates on life.

So I realize it has been quite awhile since I posted and updated on my life. I suppose it would be fair to say there have been quite a few things that have changed. I'm sure anyone reading this already knows I'm engaged, so that isn't really new or surprising is it? At the moment I'm snuggled up in my ex-coworker's bed surrounded by three very adorable kitties. I'm kitty watching while she's out of town for like a day and a half. Its been fun and very strange. One kitty known as just plain Q slept on top of me most of the night. I thought Charlotte was kidding about that... I've also learned to make sure Q isn't hiding in the bathroom as I go to use it or else I have the strange experience of her hopping up and sitting on my lap...very strange.
So I guess for starters I should mention I finally have a job. Its been a month and a half maybe? I work at a place called A Cat Clinic. The name pretty much says it all. Its a vet office that only has cats as patients. I've always said I wasn't a cat person, but I'm actually considering getting two kitties from the clinic. Basically their mommy had another cat and it terrorized the brother and sister. She seemed to originally want to give up the evil kitty but our dr said that she would have to put that one down since she couldn't feel good about giving it to another family. So instead she gave up the brother and sister the girl of which was apparently her "baby." This story resonated with me a bit since I tend to feel the unwanted member of the family...gee I wonder why... And the two cats are really so sweet and loving. They seem to like me too. The rub their cheeks all over my face which is a new experience for me, but I know its how they show they're comfortable with me...and marking me for theirs. I'm having to ask my landlord about them, which terrifies me. I barely had the nerve to ask him for my hamster ages ago. (Q is now standing with her face in mine on my chest.) I'm not afraid of my landlord, I'm just afraid he'll say no. I have it all worked out though. I would cover the floor with those plastic chair mats so that his floor wouldn't get wrecked. I'd have air freshener and such so the room wouldn't get stinky. And most of the furniture is mine in there and I'd pay some extra each month toward a pet deposit if he wanted me to! The jist of this is that I REALLY want these kitties. I want to take them in and make them happy and safe. Either way I hate where I work. Everything would be fine except for the office manager and her evil minion the head technician. They're petty mean-spirited and I just don't like them! They also don't like me. I remind them of charlotte who is my new friend. She's totally awesome! But they made life miserable and so she quit two weeks ago which made work infinitely more sad. She's working for a company that house sits watches animals walks doggies and the like which is what I'm going to be doing soon if I have my way. This brings me to my other bit of news. I have a car!!! Well actually tim and I have a car. The car is in his name but I'm mostly financing. He has better credit so it works. Its a little kia spectra, silver which isn't as cool of a colour as I would like, buts its a good car. Now how will I make use of this car you ask?? By getting my license of course! I'm going on the 13th to take my test. I feel pretty good about it I must say. I can parallel park in under a minute. 47 seconds to be exact. I'm rather excited. Charlottes going to be taking me in my car. Oh and no I haven't named the car. I simply call it my baby. As soon as I get my license, I can leave my job and go walk doggies!!! It apparently pays better and the hours are quite flexible and the best part? No uniform!! I can wear whatever I want!!! I'm quite excited. Charlotte goes barefoot! The two of us have decided that we must be twins, which makes triplets since that's how Boo Boo is. Of course Boo Boo will always be my sister, but its nice to feel like I have two best that's even what's that? Oh yeah! Close by to me!!! Gee there's a thunk! I miss Boo Boo a lot still though... I think Charlotte would like her. I've asked them both to be my maids of honour. I think it would be fitting.

At any rate, that's about all there is going on in my life now...oh yeah I like to watch kitty surgery. Surprised everyone? And I can eat my lunch after watching :-) tally ho my friends!


Andy said...

Congratulations on the car. I remember how much fun buying my first car was.

Be very scared of the kitties. They look cute, but they take over your life. One of our's begs very insistently for milk or lunch meat every time I open the fridge. He also likes to stand, but not sit on my lap. Of course I love them anyway.

CrouchingOwl said...

Just curious, do you have money for two additional pets? Last I heard you barely had money for food. Not that kittens don't sound fun, animals are simply expensive thats all.