Friday, October 17, 2008

Getting Started

So, this is my first blog that I've written in a very long time, so I'm a bit out of practice I suppose. I was thinking of what to write, since I'm so out of practice. Hm news, news, news. I might have mono. For the past two weeks, I've been totally out of it and exhausted. I've never been this tired in my whole life. I've had all the symptoms including some rather troubling pains by my spleen, but so far so good. Of course I've missed three shifts this week because of it, but I'll be ok. I've been sleeping about 13, 14 hours a day and still being exhausted, its been sucky.
The biggest news I suppose is that I got my permit FINALLY!!! I've been driving and even went on 270 with no incident (mostly) so far I haven't crashed or ruined the van, so that would be great if I can keep that record... If I keep this up, I'll have my license before long and now I've become more of a backseat driver, which entertains me. My instructor, ex-neighbour buddy Renee has been teaching me. She's a really nervous passenger, so she tends to remind me of things that I already know which just entertains me. Its been a wonderful experience, just about as good as when Tim's mom started teaching me. It's been so fun since I can actually talk and joke and carry on a conversation already while paying attention clearly to what I'm doing. That does NOT, however, mean that I'm going to be one of those annoying cell phone users, since that idea freaks me out to no end!! I've only been driving about a week and I'm already doing so well, it surprises me :-D I'm a little bummed that Dad hasn't seemed the least bit excited for me at all, I drove over to his house to show him that I was driving and he was just like um yeah? of course then I accidently drove over their lawn...but he didn't see that happen... I mean its a pretty exciting event for me and it just seems like he ought to be a bit more happy for me.

Well I'm working for quite awhile tomorrow, which is not exactly making my day, but I'm exhausted. Wish me luck!!!


CrouchingOwl said...

Driving over lawns... I think I did that 3 or 4 times on my in laws new driveway. It's kind of funny shaped, fairly easy to get onto a little extra space off to the side but when you go to back off it very easy to just run right over the grass. I apologized and father in law told me not to worry about it he knew it needed fixing. Glad to here learning to drive has been a calm experience. I remember learning how to drive and learning to safely respond to last minute directions shouted at me. :) After all these years of driving I have now learned to ignore urgent last moment directions and safely miss turns etc. Not that Bonnie Jean gives many of them...

And congrats on 270. That is probably the worst road I ever have driven on other than the beltway itself.

Andy said...

Congratulations on starting to drive. Don't worry about dad. I don't think he really gets excited by very much. I was on the phone with him when you dropped by and he seemed like he was eager to see you.